• Redefining Insurance Software

    Redefining Insurance Software


    Welcome to OpenUnderwriter. Discover innovative open source software transforming global insurance markets.


  • OpenQuote

    The robust, feature rich quote and buy system for insurers and brokers everywhere

    The robust, feature rich quote and buy system for insurers and brokers everywhere

    • No license fees

    • No restrictive contracts

    • No risk

    • No license fees

    • No restrictive contracts

    • No risk



Whatever OpenUnderwriter product you choose you’ll always get complete control with flexibility built in

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

OpenUnderwriter Implementation Process

Install the software

  • Install yourself, or we can for you
  • Use our hosting, or host elsewhere
  • The choice is yours
  • Options

Configure your products

  • We can support you if you need
  • You decide how much and when
  • We are flexible and open
  • Options

Brand integration

  • Integrate into your website
  • or style OpenUnderwriter
  • to fit your brand
  • Options

Open Source

Some of the world’s biggest brands and business depend on the power of open source software

  • Bank of America, MasterCard, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Carestream Health, Kaiser Permanente, Sears, Yahoo

  • We have a broader range of choice when it comes to high-quality software.

    Peter Richards, MD, Bank of America

  • To encourage excellence, you need to do things out in the open.

    Jay Kreps, principal staff engineer, LinkedIn

  • It makes Twitter a better experience for all of our users.

    Chris Aniszczyk, head of open source, Twitter

  • Open source brings value in the form of flexibility.

    Madhu Nutakki, VP, Kaiser Permanente

  • Open source software helped lower costs and boost flexibility

    Phil Shelley, CTO, Sears



80 percent choose open source based on quality.



80 percent choose open source for competitive features and technical capabilities.



72 percent say open source is more secure.



68 percent use open source to lower cost and improve efficiency.


Source: 2014 Future of Open Source Survey

Who Are We

The OpenUnderwriter product suite has been expertly crafted since 2002
by some of the best engineering brains in the insurance industry

  • Founder Matthew Tomlinson

    Matthew is a founder of OpenUnderwriter and has over 20 years’ experience working in the Insurance sector.

    Matthew Tomlinson

    Founding Director

  • Director David Daiches

    David has 25 years’ experience delivering complex technology solutions to a range of organisations in both the financial services and retail sectors.

    David Daiches

    Strategy Director

  • Founder Richard Anderson

    Richard is a founder of OpenUnderwriter and has over 20 years’ experience as a software architect and lead engineer, specialising in Insurance solutions.

    Richard Anderson

    Founding Director

  • Director Marc Donfrancesco

    Marc is a Non Executive Director with 25 years of communications, marketing & strategy experience and has held senior roles in insurers, underwriters and brokers.

    Marc Donfrancesco

    Non Executive Director

  • Founder Mark Gaywood

    Mark is a founder of OpenUnderwriter and has over 20 years’ experience delivering e-commerce to the financial services industry.

    Mark Gaywood

    Founding Director

  • Founder Mathew Donfrancesco

    Mathew is a founder of OU and has over 15 years’ experience delivering innovative technology across the financial service sector.

    Mathew Donfrancesco

    Founding Director


  • Towergate

    OpenQuote means we can bring new products to market
    and make changes to existing ones quickly and efficiently,
    helping us maintain a competitive edge...

    Fiona Kent, Marketing Manager for Towergate Your Insurance Group

  • Eonic

    Eonic have always specialized in delivering both the best of breed in technology
    and adding genuine value to our clients’ businesses. OpenQuote allows us to offer
    the Insurance and Broker community a cost-effective way to leverage online markets for their financial advantage.

    Trevor Spink CEO of Eonic

  • Synergy Components

    ...pivotal in bringing success to Synergy...
    ...the architecture and delivery capabilities that were developed and delivered to us for our clients was always on time,
    and fact of the matter is, the software worked...

    Barton J. Krauss, President of Synergy Components, Inc.

  • Jon Kern

    They have always impressed me with their technical skills,
    excellent architecture, prodigious output, and attention to detail.
    They have shown me that they are able to translate the needs of a client into working software.
    More important than that, is that the working software is built on a solid foundation of good, solid engineering...

    Jon Kern Co-author Agile Manifesto

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